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Lateral arm rollaway awnings can be adjusted to match your requirements for sun and rain protection. They are easily operated by either a manual (crank handle) or automatic extend/retract mechanism - usually either a switch control or a remote control. The awning can be mounted on a wall, soffit or roof with custom or ready made brackets for every situation. The arms can extend from 1.5m to 3m from the building and has tilt mount settings that allow you to set the angle of the arm to maximise your sun protection.

Lateral arm awnings are versatile and easy to use, winding in and out with ease to allow you to respond quickly to changing weather conditions. Wind and rain sensors can also be fitted to automatically provide you with optimal protection from sun and rain, and to protect the awning from damage in severe weather conditions.
Retractable Awning

Awning Options

Retractable Awning
Standard Awnings

Ideal for changeable conditions, offering full protection from the hot summer sun and unexpected rainfall
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Cassette Awning
Cassette Awnings

When fully retracted, encloses the awning arms and fabric inside a cassette/box, protecting the working mechanisms.
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Drop Arm Awning
Drop Arm Awnings

Ideal for small windows and balcony applications for internal shade and sun protection


Roller Awning
Roller Awnings

Operated by crank handle, they are cost effective and a simple way to establish shade under existing pergolas.
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Awning Motors
Motorisation & Automation

We provide a genuinely high quality motorisation product that comes with a 7 year replacement warranty,
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7yr Wrrnty

Custom Made Awning Brackets
Pelmets & Custom Solutions

We've become know for doing jobs others can't if it's in the too hard basket call us.




Stylish fixed frame canopies can be tailor made in almost any shape and size to meet your need for weather protection. Fixed frame canopies are made from an aluminum frame with a cover stretched over the top. Designed and produced with knowledge of the prevailing weather conditions they will need to stand up to, fixed canopies are bolted to the side of the building to guarantee shelter from the weather will always be available.

Awnings can provide shade inside a room to protect carpets, wallpaper and furnishings against sun damage while at the same time protecting the patio furniture and fittings from sun and rain damage.

Fixed frame canopies come in a variety of colours and two types of fabric, being Acrylic Canvas and PVC. the PVC covers can also be sign written for entrance ways to businesses adding an extra dimension to your advertising.
Fixed Frame Canopy
Fixed Frame Canopy
Outdoor Rooms
Outdoor Rooms