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With almost 50 years of industry experience, few companies know the shade business as well as Lidgard Shades. While our popular products include shade sails, retractable roofing and canvas awnings, we’ve also been manufacturing award-winning yacht sails since 1973. Over the years, we’ve added other offerings such as retractable awnings, patio blinds and outdoor blinds to our core offering, but one thing has remained the same –every product is proudly manufactured in New Zealand by New Zealanders.
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After serving his apprenticeship with a local sailing company, Jim Lidgard started his own sailing operation to continue the family tradition of boat building and sail making. For three decades he made sails for famous sportsmen such as Dennis Conner, Chris Dickson and Sir Peter Blake. While his sails featured in many competitions and around-the-world campaigns, a career highlight is the fact that the only time the New Zealand team won and retained the America's Cup was while using Lidgard Sails. This success has made Lidgard one of the biggest, most-recognised sail-making companies in the world.

Lidgard Shades is run by Jim’s apprentice, Grant Ewing, who is continuing to run the company in Jim’s footsteps. The business has now expanded its focus to include any bespoke outdoor living solutions that can be made with fabric and framing, whether it’s a factory covered with PVC, the construction of an industrial, counter-levered, motorised PVC awning, or simply a covering for a homeowner’s patio so that they can use the space in bad weather.

About Us

Quality Materials
Quality Materials
We only use the best materials available
Nz Made
NZ Made
Since 1973, Lidgard has been making great outdoor products
Customer Service
Customer Service
We have a proven system that keep you informed from start to finish
Custom Made
Custom Made
Everything we do is made to suit your scenario
Made to Measure
Sound Construction
We don't cut corners, we build it is like a brick out house.

Our shade solutions perform a variety of functions. We can maximise space and block out the sun with a simple shade sail or create a canopy with PVC blinds to enclose a deck area to protect it from the elements.

Our products are incredibly versatile, and we can customise them for your unique needs. We understand that what will suit a private homeowner won’t be ideal for a school, kindergarten or childcare centre needing shade for the children or a cafe wanting to maximise its outdoor seating area by enclosing the space with blinds, retractable awnings or retractable waterproof roofing.

There’s no limit to what we can do, so get in touch with us to discuss your shading problems, and we’ll create the perfect, customised solution.