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Outdoor & Patio Blinds Auckland

When it comes to outdoor entertainment we have a mixed bag of weather in New Zealand. So with outdoor get-togethers and shindigs hosted all year round in residential areas, an inviting outdoor entertainment area is vital, but how can you go about getting it just right for you?

Lidgard Shades is one of NZ’s favourites for any type of outdoor blinds imaginable. With over 30 years of industry experience, we are come highly recommended for top quality results. We are the go-to for outdoor blinds that withstand the most humid summers and rainy winters. Our products are custom-made to suit our clients’ needs, so your satisfaction is our priority.


Ziptrak Blinds

- Premium Blinds
- Easiest to Use
- Water Proof
- Spring Loaded
- Mesh or Clear
- Automated or Manual
- Aluminium Channels
- Can Use Pelmets
- No Floor Fixings

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Ziptrak Blinds By Lidgard

Cafe Style Drop Curtains

- Large Span & Height
- Easy to Use
- Water Proof
- Mesh or Clear
- Automated or Manual
- Dont require channels
- Can Use Pelmets
- Require Floor Fixings

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Cafe Style Drop Screens By Lidgard

Handroller Screens

- Cost Effective
- Water Proof
- Mesh or Clear
- Manual Use Only
- Can't Use Pelmets
- Require Floor Fixings Over 3m Wide

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Manual Handroller Blinds By Lidgard

Commerical Blinds

- Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants & Bars
- Built Tough For Public Use Areas
- Sign Written & Branded
- Automated Or Manual

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Commercial Blinds By Lidgard

The Benefits of Having Outdoor Blinds

Enhance your property’s style
Shaded outdoor areas are a way to upgrade your property’s aesthetic. Barbeques, family time and relaxing on the patio will never be the same again. Our custom designs are made to enhance the overall look, without looking out of place. We work with our clients to design products that enhance their existing décor and structures.

Creates a comfortable recreational space
Patio blinds reduce the number of dust particles that enter the outdoor space. This keeps the outdoor area clean, making for a more comfortable environment that can be used for anything. The tranquil atmosphere in your outdoor living space is priceless. A hassle-free outdoor area means you can read or sit in complete silence outside without thinking twice.

Managing the elements
Outdoor blinds keep patios cooler during warmer months and keep the rain out during the winter. The Auckland dust, wind, heat and rain can be kept at bay with Lidgard Shades. Some outdoor relaxation is ideal any time of the year with our products.

Save on energy expenses
No more unnecessary energy costs with the option of having a cooler outdoor living space. Air conditioning expenses are significantly reduced because we use nature and science to keep you fresh when it counts most.

Privacy guaranteed
Being outdoors doesn’t mean your privacy should be compromised. Our outdoor blinds are the perfect solution for keeping your family or alone time private. Our products give you the freedom to choose what you let in and keep out of your space.


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