Barrel Canopies

Recreational spaces

Playgrounds & sports grounds

Public & social spaces

Hospitality venues, shared spaces

Commercial spaces

Shop fronts through to large public spaces

Weather Protection

Protect entries, enjoy outdoors all year

Alfresco living

Enhance outdoor entertaining

Shade & Seclusion

Shade & privacy solutions

Flexible Outdoor Spaces

Adjustable solutions

No shape or size is impossible and you will find that our structures are one of the most cost effective solutions to provide weather protection over large areas.

Ideal over playing courts – club or school, car parks and large seating areas.

Lidgard has a proud engineering history having been involved in the marine industry since 1973 becoming one of the first companies in NZ to start producing shade structures over 20 years ago.

Working with our partners experience both here and internationally we have accumulated a vast knowledge base and skill set to draw upon to provide the best solution possible when undertaking your job.

Key product features

Large Area Shade Cover

Engineered to Building Code

Complete Weather Protection

Waterproof & Shade

Only Quality Materials

Large Span & Height

Ideal for School Courts and Pools

Site Safe & PREQUAL

Require Consent

Each Lidgard barrel canopy structure enjoys a 10 year workmanship warranty; up to 25 years on fabric membrane.

Jan P June 2020

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the canopy and blinds supplied by Lidgard Shades.  They have turned a space that was usable for only a very few weeks in the year, - too hot in the summer, too cold and windy in the winter, into an area which I have been using since completion in May - nice having breakfast on my deck when it is raining!

I wanted the canopy put up overhanging the edge of the deck - something other firms had told me couldn't be done.  Lidgard did a wonderful job and proved them wrong.

Thank you Lidgard. I highly recommend them to you."

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