Transparent Clear PVC

Highly durable, transparent PVC blocks 100% UV, rain, and wind. PVC blinds are lightweight and easy for one person to operate. PVC edges are bound with a coloured trim and you have a choice from a range of colours. Allows natural light to pass through and provides easy visibility in both directions. Ideal for situations where full weather protection is required along with full visibility.

Woven Mesh Fabrics

Perforated mesh fabrics are woven from polyester yarns. It provides excellent UV protection and heat protection, and with 5% openness allows a supply of natural light to pass through. Microventilation increases air circulation within the protected area, and allows the air to cool. It is strong, sturdy fabric and will stand up to heatwaves, wind and rain, hail and frost without any damage. A range of 47 colours makes it possible to match your decor. Mesh fabrics are suitable for both Outdoor Blinds and ziptrack blinds, and one way outwards visibility means it makes an excellent privacy screen. Ideal for patios and verandas, courtyards and playgrounds, outdoor dining areas, VIP areas. Mesh fabrics offer a wide range of colour options to suit every design situation.

Shade View 243 & 305

Shade View 243 & 305 will shade your home, office or entertaining area with a unique woven design, whilst offering the optimum in shading solutions and visibility. Shade View 243 & 305 have the ability to be railroaded for the ultimate blind or awning with no vertical joins. As with the entire Shade View range you still get to enjoy the light and cool air into your home whilst filtering out up to 90% of the sun's damaging ultra violet rays. ShadeView 243 & 305 is ideally suited for external awnings, alfresco blinds and shade sails. Shade View is also highly suited to those harsh weather facing windows that need that extra protection that only a 10% openness fabric can deliver.

Pros & Cons

  • Clear PVC is completely water proof unlike mesh, but it does mark and scratch where mesh does not.
  • Clear PVC also expands and contracts with changes in temperature unlike mesh which makes clear unsuitable for certain applications such as channel or zip track blinds over 3m in width.
  • Clear PVC will cloud and mist up if rolled away wet though it will eventually disappear again, where this is not an issue with mesh.