ZipTrak and Urban Track roller blinds lead the way when it comes to premium quality outdoor roller blinds. They easily maximise your living options by connecting indoor and outdoor environments to make one harmonious room.

They are spring-loaded for ease of operation and can be motorised. They roll up and down quickly and smoothly and can be readily rolled into place when weather conditions threaten to overtake the day.

Custom designed and manufactured with close attention to every detail, Lidgard’s ZipTrak and Urban Track blinds can be square or rectangular. They are a stylish addition to your patio, verandah, sun room or courtyard and help you make the absolute most of your available living spaces.


Made from transparent PVC, perforated polyester mesh or canvas, the side edges of our roller blinds are track-fitted to make sure the weather will always stay outside. Tracked blinds provide excellent protection from harmful UV rays, reduce the sun's heat and glare, block rain showers, and keep out even moderate winds.

Our tracked blind systems are spring loaded for ease of use.

Both systems are supplied with easy to use bottom locking functions to ensure your blinds stay in place when they need to.

The Urban Track blind system has the flexibility to be lockable at variable heights as desired. Please discuss this option with the Lidgard team when evaluating the best option for you. The blinds can be manually operating or automated. For more information on automation options, please click here.

Fabric Options

Clear or Tinted PVC:

Clear PVC is the best solution when an unobstructed view is required while, providing full wind and rain protection. We typically use 0.75mm PVC of the finest quality. It is rated to block out 93% of UV solar radiation and 10% infra-red radiation. There is significant variation in quality of PVC materials. The cheap ones are usually cheap for good reason and while they will look great when first installed, within a year or two they will become brittle – tearing easily – and opaque. With Lidgard’s blinds you can expect many years of enjoyment. Bearing testimony to this, we have blinds installed for satisfied clients that are still going strong more than a decade after the original installation.


Atmosphere mesh fabrics cleverly diffuse light, lending a pared-back finish and optimises views but it still protects you and your home from the elements. Available in different weave options with in excess of 50 colours to choose from. Backed by a 5 year warranty, Atmosphere is manufactured using outdoor rated PVC coated polyester fibre and is treated with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments to keep it looking and performing better, for longer.

Acrylic Canvas:

We use wonderful, marine grade Docril canvas for our awnings and blinds. Designed and manufactured in Spain and known for its superb quality with an extensive colour palette. Docril offers an impressive selection of 132 vibrant colours to suit any décor and comes with a 10 year UV warranty.

Track Frame

There are essentially three options available to you in terms of the look of your tracked blind: Cast bracket only, cast bracket with a back flashing or a full box pelmet to complete enclose the top roll. The framing can be powder coated to any colour in the Dulux powder coating colour range. For colour choices, please click here.

Blind sizes

The minimum width and height for either ZipTrak or Urban Track is 650mm wide by 500mm high. In terms of the maximum size of our tracked blinds, we suggest the following for optimal performance: PVC: 3.5m wide by 3.0m high Mesh: 4.3m wide by 5.0m high If you have an area wider than this, there are solutions including the installation of a removable post. Please contact the Lidgard team to discuss the options available to you. With in excess of 20 years manufacturing and installing outdoor shade systems, where there is a will, there is a way and we’ll find it for you!


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