Shade sails represent one of the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions for providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation and excessive heat.

It is well documented that New Zealand has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world. Currently, there are 2,500 new cases of melanoma reported each year in our country – that’s 7 a day!

Shade sails add elegance and style to any setting. Custom-designed, we can make shade sails to practically any soaring form you dare to dream. Multiple shade sails can interact or overlap one another.

Whether you’re at home, school, work or on holiday – the option to hang out in the shade makes life that much cooler – if you’ll forgive the pun! Lidgard Shades is dedicated to making your experience more comfortable all year round.

The Lidgard Difference

Simply put, not all shades are created equal. Lidgard was one of the very first companies to commence manufacturing and installation of shade sails in New Zealand nigh on 20 years ago.

Drawing on a proud history of yacht sail design and manufacture, the team has a deep and fundamental understanding of nature’s forces.

The superior quality of a Lidgard shade sail is reflected in the following:

High Quality Fabric

We use only the finest quality shade cloths offering the highest overall UV block out, 10 year manufacturer’s warranties and meet industry fire retardant standards.

When investing in a waterproof shade sail, we use top quality, lightweight pre-tensioned PVC materials that endure without sagging and bagging over time.

PTFE Thread

Any other threat simply doesn’t cut it. The PTFE threads we use are warranted even longer than the shade cloth.

When properly maintained, you’ll not find our seams, edges or webbing tear or fray.

Perimeter Stainless Steel Wire

The perimeter wire supports the even tensioning throughout the shade sail and assists with the tensioning through the belly of the sail.

Poles and Fixings

Fundamental to a successful shade sail installation is knowing that whatever it is fixed to can support the load. Our shade sail installations are rated to withstand wind forces up to Gale force.

When installing poles, galvanised steel or timber, it is important to size the pole appropriately and ensure that the depth and size of the footing is adequate relative to its height above ground and the size of the shade sail being hung from it.

All our fixings are made of marine grade 300-series stainless steel.


10 – 15 years manufacturer’s warranty on shade fabrics, 3 years warranty on all workmanship.

We can proudly state that no Lidgard shade sail installation has failed in our 20 years in the industry. Do it once, do it right!


Home Shade Sails

  • Premium Shades
  • Stainless Steel Reinforcing
  • No Webbing Edges
  • Waterproof & Shade
  • Guaranteed to a Strong Gale
  • Only Quality Materials
  • 90 to 100% UV Block Out
  • Strong and Sturdy

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Schools & Playgrounds

  • Large span & height
  • Ideal for Playgrounds
  • Engineering & Consent
  • Waterproof & Shade
  • Site Safe & PREQUAL
  • Custom Design
  • 90 to 100% UV Block Out
  • Guaranteed to a Strong Gale

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Commercial Shades

  • Ideal for Staff Areas
  • Waterproof & Shade
  • Site Safe & PREQUAL
  • Custom Design
  • 90 to 100% UV Block Out
  • Require Floor Fixings Over 3m Wide

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Barrel Canopies

  • Large Area Shade Cover
  • Engineered to Building Code
  • Complete Weather Protection
  • Waterproof & Shade
  • Only Quality Materials
  • Large Span & Height
  • Ideal for School Courts and Pools
  • Site Safe & PREQUAL
  • Require Consent

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  • Quality Materials
    We only use the best materials available
  • NZ Made
    Since 1973, Lidgard has been making great outdoor products
  • Customer Service
    We have a proven system that keep you informed from start to finish
  • Custom Made
    Everything we do is made to suit your scenario
  • Sound Construction
    We don't cut corners, we build it like a brick out house.
  • No Obligation Free Quotation
    We're here to help, offer advice and steer you in the right direction to achieve the optimal outcome for you home, business or school.

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