There are many types of cloth on the market available to make shade sails from and to the untrained eye they would all look the same. With over 20 years of experience in working with different products we rate and recommend the following from years of trial and error.

9 of of 10

Comshade & Extra Block are two different fabric lines which are innovative commercial, heavy duty knitted shade cloth designed for large tension membrane shade structures, where the shade cloth fabric is placed under greater loading strains. Its strength to weight ratio makes Comshade & Extra Block, ideal for larger commercial shade structure projects, where the shadecloth fabric is exposed to the harsh environmental conditions of wind, rain, hail, dust and UV exposure.

The unique heavy duty knitted construction of the shadecloth offers maximum Ultra Violet A & B protection, UVR block and very high Ultra Violet Protection Factors (UPF). Comshade & Extra Block shadecloth are available in fifteen popular colours, and comes with a 10 year UVwarranty. (conditions apply).

Designed for maximum UV shade protection, Comshade & Extra Block adds value and appearance to any project, building or structure.

While not the cheapest, they are not the most expensive on the market and provide great durability and colourfastness over the lifetime of the product. Extrablock has great manufacturer support here in NZ, but colours can vary between batches. Comm shade isn't as well suppported but is still a good product.

7 of of 10

Soltis by Serge Ferrari and Monotech are both great cloth options and are superior when it comes to form stability. With that comes a significant difference in price and unless you have your heart set on it we would usually recommend one of the other products. The cost is the reason we rate these options lower.

Soltis 92 composite screens bring together thermal and mechanical performances that guarantee the efficiency, durability and good looks of your facilities :

  • Being real heat shields they contribute to improved energy performance in buildings.
  • a guarantee of optimal glare-free visibility on to the outside
  • resistance and dimensional stability, plus the Serge Ferrari Précontraint exclusive patented technology that gives a thin, lightweight product.
  • Soltis 92 offers a large choice of 50 colours to increase technical and aesthetic solutions:

6 of of 10

Polyfx is a shade cloth ideal for pool shades, garden shade structures and domestic shades. It is available in sixteen fashion colours, and comes with a ten year warranty against UV break down. Polyfx is available in 3.80 metre widths, which helps in reducing unnecessary joins in the fabric, and makes for a better looking shades.

Polyfx is Comm Shades little brother. At a slightly lesser price for lesser quality we generally recommend people go for comshade for the difference in price over a whole job maybe as little as between 1 or 2%

2 out of 10

Z16, ShadeTek, Coolaroo Shade clothes are generally to be avaioded unless you have a short term use or are not too worried about the structureal integrity of the shade over a longer time period.

Waterproof Fabrics

New Zealand climate and harsh sun can give shade sails a hard life. As a result from time to time your shades may require some maintenance and repairs. We offer a full repair service and have bought shade sails back to life that are over 7 years old, but there comes a point when you may be throwing good money after bad.

We recommend Ferrari 502, Diamond 700, Sioen with different products suited to different applications, with a varying amount of colours available.

Comshade Colour Examples

Please note that the colour range changes from time to time

Ferrari 502 Colour Examples

Please note that the color range changes from time to time

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