Shade sails are a great solid way to provide protection from the sun and rain over a large area easily and effectively. All our shade sails are custom made to measure so there is no size or shape that is impossible.

We at Lidgard, having built yacht sails since 1973 applied our skill base in engineering and sail making to become one of the first companies in NZ to start manufacturing shade sails over 15 years ago. In that time we have accumulated a vast knowledge base to draw upon to provide the best solution possible when undertaking your job to add value to your home. Over the last 15 year having seen and experienced other products in the market we can comfortably say that we manufacture some of the best built shade sails avilable in NZ.


  • Quality Materials
    We only use the best materials available
  • NZ Made
    Since 1973, Lidgard has been making great outdoor products
  • Customer Service
    We have a proven system that keep you informed from start to finish
  • Custom Made
    Everything we do is made to suit your scenario
  • Sound Construction
    We don't cut corners, we build it like a brick out house.
  • No Obligation Free Quotation
    We're here to help, offer advice and steer you in the right direction to achieve the optimal outcome for you home, business or school.

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