Shade Sails, Canopies, Outdoor Blinds and Awnings by Lidgard Shades
Lidgard Sails & Shades Auckland

Location: 23 Barrys Point Road Takapuna, North Shore City, Auckland


Lidgard Sails, Who Are We?

Established in 1973, Lidgard Sails soon became one of the biggest most recognised sail making companies in the world.

Started by Jim Lidgard, Lidgard Sails started out making yacht sails which proved tough, durable and technologically more advanced than any other sails in the world. Men such as Sir Peter Blake and Chirs Dixon made their names off the back of the sails Lidgard provided. Many years later and Lidgard has applied years of know how and technology into shade sails, awnings and blinds, resulting in unbeatable quality and durability.

Shade Sails

Lidgard were one to the first companies to introduce and start producing shade sails in NZ. Possesing the background knowledge, technology and skills to engineer sails that can withstand all but the most testing conditions, we have had and continue to have a clear advantage when it comes to making and installing a shade sail right.

Outdoor Awnings & Blinds

Understanding the stresses and loads put upon a yacht sail, provides us a good understanding of the engineering requirements for any fabric structure that presents a large surface area to the wind. That understanding enables us to make highly durable and robust outdoor blinds and awnings that are fit for purpose in varied conditions.


Visit our showroom, 23 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland (opposite Countdown) Open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4pm, and Saturdays on request

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