Essential Shade Sail Cleaning

June 17, 2022


As winter makes its presence felt, it makes sense to start thinking about taking down your shade sails, assessing them for any maintenance requirements and storing them for the more inclement winter months.

Why take shade sails down?

1 – The UV conditions through winter do not demand shade

2 – Bringing additional light to the environment will reduce the build up of mould, lichen, etc in your outdoor setting (and on the shade itself)

3 – It will prolong the life of the shade sail (less use, not being used during winter’s more dramatic weather events, moss and mould are less likely to grow on the cloth). Taking your shade sail down for winter will more than double the shade’s useful life.

At Lidgard, we have a dedicated maintenance team ready to perform the tasks most prefer not to. We also use a proprietary cleaning process that ensures great cleaning results without damaging the shade cloths UV protection properties. We use a QR code system that ensures highly accurate inventory management of all shade sails in our care and creates efficiency in terms of time required on site taking down and reinstalling the shade sails.

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