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Health and Safety

Our Responsibility

The Health and safety laws and environment highlight the duty of everyone in the workplace to play their part in ensuring the safety and welfare of people at work, while also protecting others in our working environment from risks to health or safety that arise from the activities of persons at work.

Our Commitment

At Lidgard Shades we acknowledge our responsibility to do all that is practicable to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees at work and of others who could be affected by our work.

Lidgard Shades has a policy of continuous review of our health and safety systems.

We aim to:

  • Control and manage the health and safety risks arising from our work;
  • Promote a culture in which all employees demonstrate health and safety leadership;
  • Engage with our employees on issues affecting their health and safety;
  • Identify and comply with all legal requirements;
  • Instruct, inform, and train our employees to ensure the competence of anyone working for us;
  • Provide applicable risk assessment and reviews, as required;
  • Monitoring and review our work activities and policies to ensure improvements are identified where needed;
  • Investigate and analyse all accidents and incidents to prevent re-occurrence;
  • Provide suitable PPE and ensure it is used;
  • Ensure that all plant and equipment is in a safe working condition and is maintained to good standard;
  • Control all work areas and keep them free from risk to employees, or any other persons and that access to and from the areas are safe;
  • Put procedures in place for emergencies and ensure that they are fully understood.

As part of our continuous commitment to health and safety excellence we take part in a Sitewise annual assessment and are proud of achieving SiteWise Green standard.

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