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Maintenance Services

All our products require some care and maintenance over their lifetime, to keep them looking and performing at their best. Simply put, the better they’re looked after, the longer they will last.

We provide a comprehensive shade and blind cleaning and maintenance service, including removing, cleaning and re-installing fabric and PVC shade sails and all blind types.

We also provide cleaning of pool covers, sandpit covers, external blinds as well as skylight covers as well as store shade sails on behalf of clients during the take down period.

While onsite, our experienced team will check over fixings and ensure they remain in good working order.

The cleaning process can be undertaken on an ‘as required’ basis or it can form part of a regular full service maintenance programme.

Take a look at the Maintenance section on our blog for plenty of useful tips on how best to maintain your product or get in touch with us for help in keeping them at their best.

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