Outdoor Blinds: the answer to creating your all-weather entertaining space

January 3, 2022


Now we are on summer holidays it’s often a time we assess our home and outdoor spaces and consider how we can make more of what we have. We all enjoy spending quality time with friends and family and being able to host our friends and loved ones is a large part of what Kiwi holidays and weekends are all about.

However many of us have a porch, deck or backyard that can be hit with either too much sun or wind (or perhaps both!) which can be so frustrating as it often limits when, where and for how long we can entertain.

To create a really enjoyable all-day, all-weather space, Outdoor Blinds might be the perfect solution for creating your great all-weather entertaining space.

Benefits of Outdoor Shades and Blinds

Why should you add these features to your deck or backyard? You will love the results after we are done with the installation! These are some of the benefits that you can expect:

  • Protection from the sun: Reduce the health risks of UV exposure by blocking direct sunlight on the porch. Limiting sunlight also helps with temperature management in this area.
  • Block the rain: When the storms roll in, you can spend time outside without getting soaked by the rain. These blinds can be used to add another layer of protection with water-resistant materials.
  • Change the style: Not only are outdoor shades highly functional, but they can also be used to improve the style of your garden or backyard. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and colours to coordinate with the other features on your home
  • Improve privacy: How well can the neighbouring buildings see your activities when you are spending time on the deck? These products can be helpful to improve privacy. Choose dark shades if you want to block the views and enjoy the patio without being overlooked.

Where to Install Outdoor Blinds?    

Where should outdoor blinds be installed? It is up to you!

  • The blinds can be used as window coverings outside, or they can help to enclose a patio or porch area to block the sun.
  • You can choose thick fabric for the blinds or use mesh products that diffuse the light and protect against the sun, while still offering a view through the blinds.     
  • You have the freedom to select from a wide range of colours and fabrics that will match the other décor elements in your home.
  • Creating that perfect outdoor space doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. At Lidgard we’re able to help you to create a solution that is tailored to meet your needs – and your wallet.

Designed and built to last

Lidgard Outdoor Blinds are built to last and every part of the design and manufacture process is handled by us, so you can rest assured your blinds are quality made with quality products right here in our Auckland factory. There are no corners cut or outsourcing of manufacture; we are one of only a few that actually manufacture your blinds and are hands-on from start to finish. And that quality also means your blinds purchased from Lidgard come with a 10 year UV warranty.

You can also rest assured that level of care and quality begins with our design and manufacturing, through our installation processes and continues through our after-sales care. But we prefer to let our customers speak for us, so you can check out our customer reviews to see why they believe Lidgard outdoor blinds design, quality, durability and installation is second to none.

So if you’d like to enhance your home with outdoor blinds or shades or want to find out if your space is right for outdoor blinds, contact one of your local design and installation experts for a free consultation and quote.

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