The Benefits of Using a Shade Sail for Your Patio

April 5, 2021


Do you have a comfortable patio where you can relax with your family? When the weather warms up, it is nice to have a place to enjoy lunch and a drink outside. But, some people find that the patio is too hot because of the direct sun that shines down on the area.

Shade Sails: Affordable Patio Coverage

If it is unbearable to sit outside, then you should consider the benefits of adding a shade sail. This solution blocks your patio from the direct sun, allowing you to use the patio without worrying about the UV exposure.

Shade sails are designed in a way that leverages similar technology as a sail that is used on a ship. The flexible membrane is hung in a specific way so that it is tensioned between multiple anchor points. Instead of using expensive building materials to create an elaborate porch cover, a shade sail offers an affordable solution.

Most shade sails are installed to be a permanent fixture in the yard. So, you can leave it up and enjoy the covered patio area any time of day. Or, you have the option to take it down or move the covering depending on your backyard activity plans.

Benefits of Having a Shade Sail in Your Yard

Here are a few benefits that you can expect after your shade sail is installed:

  • UV Protection: Don’t worry about sunburns or skin damage due to UV exposure. This addition will give you a place to sit outside without being in the direct sun.
  • Versatility: These products can be installed on any building, structure, or pole. So, we will design a setup to match the shape and size of your patio.
  • Privacy: If you want a little more privacy in the yard, then shade cloths can block the view while protecting your yard from the sun and wind.
  • Durability: Even though it is a cost-effective solution to shade the patio, you don’t need to worry about cheap quality products. Our shade sails are designed with durable materials that will hold up in all weather conditions.
  • Style: Choose the colour and design to improve the overall appearance of your patio. These products can be customized to match your preferences.

Having a covered patio will expand the functional living space in your home. How will you use the covered patio in your yard? Many people enjoy spending time with the kids on the patio or sipping on a cup of coffee while enjoying the fresh morning air. You will see that this feature creates the perfect place to host a backyard BBQ, book group, or small yoga class. Enjoy nature while staying protected from the sun.

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