The benefits of installing Shade Sails

August 15, 2022


As we know, New Zealand’s harsh sun is not only harsh on our skin but can also degrade many materials and furnishings.

With a shade cover designed and made by us in New Zealand and customised to provide sun shade and UV protection, Lidgard’s Shade Sails help you to enhance your outdoor living all year round.

Whether you’re looking to provide cover to swimming pools, backyard patios, garden areas, car parks, walkways or other outdoor spaces, we have a Shade Sail to match all your needs.

The fabrics we use and overall finished solution of a Shade Sail has our Kiwi weather specifically in mind. Which means a Shade Sail from Lidgard not only withstands our harsh UV rays, but gives protection and durability to last year on year. To withstand even our tough coastal winds, our Shade Sail installations are rated and warranted up to a Strong Gale. Even better still, it’s available in a wide range of modern fabric colours to suit your home’s aesthetics.


Cost Effective Outdoor Living

With building costs increasing each year, creating that extra space to your home can become very expensive – not forgetting the cost and time in obtaining planning consent. With a Shade Sail you will not only be able to realise that extra living space quickly, but also with very little cost in comparison to traditional build work. Adding immediate value to your home or property far beyond what you might expect.

The cost of a shade sail can vary from $2,000 (shade only) up to $10,000 (sail, building fixings, two posts) fully installed.

Better still, there are currently no requirement for consents on individual Shade Sails less than 50sqm. So, getting your Shade Sail in place can be quick, easy and without extensive and expensive planning permissions.

To top it all off, with a New Zealand made Shade Sail you’re able to remove your beautiful cover during the winter months if you choose, to let more natural light in or leave up to enjoy outdoor living all year round.


Designed and built to last

Many people ask ‘How long does a Shade Sail last?’ The key to ensuring a long-lasting shade is using only the best quality materials.

At Lidgard, we only use the very best in high quality commercial shade mesh. This comes with a 10 year UV warranty. A Lidgard Shade Sail is also guaranteed to give UV shade protection with 77% UV protection in our lighter colours (such as Porcelain), up to 98% UV protection in darker shades (such as Navy blue). The extensive fabric range comes in both Shade and Waterproof options.

Our Sails are manufactured using Long life SolarFix® PTFE thread. A well maintained cover removed during winter months can last 15+ years making Shade Sails well worth the investment.

All our Shade Sails are made from heavy duty 330GSM or 340GSM shade fabric and are known for being tough, high quality custom built shades that stand up to our unique New Zealand’s weather conditions. We use only 316-series marine grade stainless steel for our fixtures and fittings, meaning you won’t end up with unsightly rust stains. Stainless steel wire is also used around the perimeter of each sail, crimped at each corner to ensure the best possible tensioning through the belly of the shade sail. Our poles can also be powder coated to a colour of your choice to further tie into the aesthetics of your Shade Sail of choice – and your home.

Check out our customer reviews to see why they believe Lidgard Shade Sail design, quality and durability is second to none.

If you’d like to enhance your home with shade sails, contact one of your local design and installation experts for a free consultation and quote.

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